The Shape of History

By Stuart A. Kauffman

Theoretical Biologist & MacArthur Foundation Fellow

The Shape of History

A Multimedia Information and Education Project Now in Development.

Mission Statement

“The emergence of life in the cosmos and its evolution towards ever more complex forms is both wonderful and perplexing. It seems to be in the “nature of Nature” to be endlessly creative – creating new solutions to new opportunities wherever they arise. But the existing laws of physics are failing to provide a complete explanation of how this occurs, and as humanity is forced to confront the consequences of behaving as if we are above nature, not of nature, the need to rethink our understanding of our role in the natural world has become a matter of urgency. This series is about these new perspectives on the nature of Nature – and why the survival of our species may depend on how we implement them.”

A Message from
Dr. Stuart Kauffman

– Project Creator
& Co-Executive Producer of
"The Nature of Nature"
Television Series